The following etiquette lessons are offered as assemblies in the gymnasium or the lunchroom

Social Media Etiquette - In this power point presentation students are given example after example of what is looks like to be silly on social media and how to turn it around to look smart.  This is lesson will prepare students for what future employers and college admissions will look for in their profile.

Dining Etiquette- Dining Etiquette is a timeless lesson.  This is a offered as a school assembly as a power point presentation.  Students will learn some helpful tips to help them remember their manners at the dinner table.

Handshaking and Body Language Skills - This lesson will encourage students to practice handshaking regularly and confidently.  The perfect time to learn social skill is as they are developing.

Table Monsters - For younger students (pre-k, k, and 1st grade), we offer a fun and imaginative lesson in table manners by learning about table monsters and their helping fairies.  This is a sweet and engaging lesson that small children love. This lesson is offered in classroom only.