Etiquette LadyTM

Etiquette Consultant

Meet Kentucky's very own Etiquette LadyTM , etiquette consultant.  Inspired by Mary Poppins, Valarie has created the whimsical character the Etiquette LadyTM to catch the attention of students of all ages. 

The Good Manners Club, LLC  is a private club that offers training and certification in children, teen, business, social, and dining etiquette.  After completing a series of classes, students graduate to become an EtiquetteketeerTM.  

After completing a 3-day training, adults become an "Etiquette Lady".  Being an Etiquetteketeer gives you membership into a club where you will be able to refer to the Etiquette Lady for any etiquette questions you may have as you navigate through your social life.  Being and Etiquette Lady gives you a license to use the Etiquette Lady title and her lesson plans while teaching your own future Etiquetteketeers.   The Good Manners Club teaching Etiquetteketeers is meant to be magical learning experience just as The Mickey Mouse Club was to the Mouseketeers.  


Valarie Roberts, after experiencing an embarrassment in a 4-star Las Vegas restaurant, made the decision that this would never happen to her again.  Determined to learn more, Valarie traveled to Washington D.C. where she earned certifications in business, social, and dining etiquette from The Lett Group at Georgetown University.   She received a second certification in 2017 from the Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, MO.


Valarie was the "Mind Your Manners" columnist for the Messenger-Inquirer and her work has been published nationally.  She is the host of the "Manners Matter" segment for DCPS Cable 74 TV in Owensboro, KY.  She has also appeared on 14 WFIE "Ask the Expert" segments with Mike Blake and has written numerous articles for their website. Valarie was the guest speaker for Junior League of Owensboro's "Pinkies UP" tea party at the Riverpark Center in Owensboro, KY.  She has spent three years on the Board of Directors for the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro and currently serves as a Board of Directors for the Campbell Club.

Valarie M. Roberts, Cerified Etiquette Consultant

 Etiquette LadyTM, Consultant character

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